Contracting Parties

This contract is concluded between Incomera d.o.o. with its registered office at Zadarska 6 in Osijek (Croatia) and a private or legal person who has applied for registration as a THE TEXT PARADISE AFFILIATE PARTNER (hereinafter: Affiliate partner)

Part 1 – Subject of the contract and relationship of the contracting parties

This agreement defines the conditions of participation, business principles, rights and obligations, and rules of conduct for all participants in the TEXT PARADISE AFFILIATE PROGRAM (hereinafter: the Affiliate Program).

The parties to this agreement are independent parties. Nothing in this Agreement constitutes any kind of partnership, joint venture, or any form of agency cooperation by which the Affiliate Partner would be authorized to offer and various forms of presentation of The Text Paradise services and products not defined in this Agreement, franchise or exclusive representation between the parties.

Part 2 – Participation in the TEXT PARADISE AFFILIATE PROGRAM

Every legal and natural person has the right to participate in the Affiliate program. The Affiliate Partner becomes the moment you are assigned a unique TEXT PARADISE AFFILIATE ID (hereinafter: Affiliate ID). To obtain an Affiliate ID, it is necessary to fill in the online application form or send an e-mail to with all the necessary information (name, username, e-mail, PayPal payment email, URL of the website/s, and how will you promote us). As soon as possible, you will receive your Affiliate ID by email, as well as a username and password for access to the user part of the Affiliate program site, where the Affiliate partner has insight into the number of sales made through his ID.

Part 3 – Methods of connection

Affiliate Link monitors visitors who came from your ads to via the link attached to your Affiliate ID, and records inquiries and the percentage of realized sales based on a 30-day cookie. Affiliate Link can be placed on a text, image, flash animation (banner), social networks, or web service.

Incomera grants the Affiliate Partner the non-exclusive right to advertise all services, ie services from The Text Paradise’s offer, in the manner defined by this agreement.

Incomera grants the Affiliate Partner the non-exclusive right to use the Text Paradise logo, banner, images, texts, frames, and other materials from the website, exclusively for the purpose of the best possible presentation of the Text Paradise offer. Incomera reserves all copyrights related to the company name, logo, texts, and other graphic and textual materials, as well as all other intellectual property rights.

If Incomera deems, at any time, that the Affiliate Partner does not meet any of the above conditions, it reserves the right to terminate the cooperation and deactivate the Affiliate ID, and send a notice by e-mail.

The right to participate in the Affiliate program is disabled for Affiliate partners who advertise on websites that include the following content:

any form of discrimination (religious, national, racial, sexual …)
illegal activities which in any way infringe intellectual property and rights

Part 4 – Amount and dynamics of commission payment

The affiliate partner earns a commission upon the realized sale, ie when there is no longer a possibility of cancellation.

The percentage of the commission is determined depending on the status of the partner at the time of payment of the commission.

The Affiliate Partner can get an insight into the Unpaid Referrals, Paid Referrals, Visits, Conversion Rate, Unpaid Earnings, Paid Earnings, Commission Rate, and other information through his own ID at any time by registering in the user part of the Affiliate program with the username and password assigned to him together with the Affiliate ID.

Incomera is required to pay a commission to the Affiliate Partner at his request at any time, with a minimum commission amount of $200. If during the calendar year the Affiliate partner does not request the payment of the commission, Incomera will voluntarily pay the calculated commission once a year, regardless of its amount.

Any complaints about the amount paid, the Affiliate Partner must submit in writing within eight (8) days of payment of the commission. Subsequent complaints will not be considered.

Part 5 – Limits of liability

The affiliate partner has no responsibility regarding the customer who has bought a particular service from the offer within the frame or from the site Incomera takes full care of the client and undertakes to provide him with full service, which includes: answering inquiries from visitors, issuing invoices and bills, controlling payments, confirmation of sales, resolving any complaints, refunds, and accepting and providing all necessary assistance to guests in the field.

The Affiliate Partner has no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the information (price, description, images, availability) published within the frame or on the website

If for any reason a particular visitor does not meet or comply with the business standards of Incomera, Incomera reserves the right to refuse to provide services from its program.

Incomera is not liable for indirect damages related to the non-calculation of the commission if it turns out that this was due to unprofessional handling of Affiliate tools or due to possible deletion of cookies by visitors.

Incomera is not responsible for incorrect calculations of prices and commissions caused by “typographical errors” on the website or within the frame.

Incomera is not liable for damage caused by server malfunctions, power outages, weather disasters, and unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract”.

Incomera is not liable for indirect, special, or any other damages caused to the Affiliate partner site that would be proven to have resulted from membership in the Affiliate Program.

Part 6 – Start of the contract, duration of the contract, termination of cooperation, and amendments to the provisions of the contract

By completing the online application form or sending an application for registration by e-mail, the Affiliate Partner confirms that it has read and fully accepted the items of this agreement.

Any changes to the contract come into force by publishing them on the website, and the Affiliate partner learns about the changes by regularly browsing the same website. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time from the moment of approval of the Affiliate Partner website by Incomera.

This agreement, without prior explanation, may be terminated by any of the parties involved.