Bluehost is a website hosting company that has been around since 2003. It has committed partnership with WordPress for more than 10 years already to provide their customers with the best kind of expertise when it comes to WordPress because they have specialized customer service representatives and engineers that are all exclusively handling concerns related to WordPress. 

Bluehost has an uptime of 99.98%. That means that it has only failed for 0.02% of the time over an annual period. And if you check, the only downtime that it had was an hour. This is great for a website host because of how it assures you that your website will always be up and running nearly the entire time.

Page loading time is one of the most important factors to look at when it comes to a website host. That’s because statistics show that websites that load somewhere between 1 to 3 seconds have a 32% chance of seeing their visitors leaving the site due to how they couldn’t stay patient with the loading time, from 1s to 5s the probability of bounce increases 90%. Meanwhile, if your site is not fast enough or was not optimized for mobile viewing, you are going to see your website moving down in Google’s search results, mostly because of visitors bouncing away.

Bluehost, however, has an amazingly quick loading speed. The speeds had an average of 581 milliseconds over the past year. This means that most websites that make use of Bluehost are making use of speeds that are faster than the average. 

We always start with Bluehost hosting on our websites.

Even though Bluehost is one of the more affordable website hosts on the market, it starts from less than $3, and you can check it out on the Bluehost website, that doesn’t mean that it has cut down on some neat features and options that will surely make you want to work with them. It still is a pretty secure website host.

If you go with the more expensive plans, you can avail of the added security features that can protect your website from spam, malware attacks, hacking, and any other suspicious activities that can harm your website. 

Bluehost also comes with a 24/7 helpline that will always be ready to assist you whenever you need their services or in case you have problems and issues regarding your website.