Google Analytics

Google Analytics

From the best search engine comes from Google Analytics, which is the most recognizable self-service business intelligence available on the market today. What makes it popular is that it is not only useful but is also free to use, and that is why individuals and companies alike make use of it for their websites.

On a more exact note, what you can love about Google Analytics is that it is great at tracking and analyzing data traffic to websites and apps that are tagged with their own tracking codes. Its user interface will visualize how well a certain site or app is doing in terms of reads to audience data, behavior and conversion numbers, and trends. Such data can be quite useful for those who are YouTube content creators but is also useful for those seeking to make money out of their websites and mobile apps.

Overall, there are better options compared to Google Analytics but this free tool is already useful enough for those who are not willing to pay the premium for paid tools that may be a bit over their budget.

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