Image editor

Whatever business you are in, you will surely need to present yourself visually. Your customers will get the first impression of you through your photos. This is why we will recommend some great, still mostly free image editors we use daily.

Image Editor


Pixlr is the most popular photo editor in the world, which allows you to edit photos directly in the browser. Experience intuitive photo editing with AI tools that provide fast and professional editing of each photo. This editor opens almost any image format – PSD (Photoshop), PKSD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WebP, SVG, and others. It is also available for mobile phones.

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Image Editor


Canva is a fast and easy web tool for graphic design. It is intended for people who do not have expensive tools or knowledge of how to use them but would like to give their websites, presentations, posters, and infographics a professional look. The tool provides pre-defined templates (poster, greeting card, infographic, presentation, etc.) as well as the ability to define your own dimensions.

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