Income School Course

Income School Course

If you want to learn how to start blogging or how to make money out of a YouTube channel right from scratch even without a good name or public image bringing your channel subscriptions and video views up, then Income School is one of the best online courses that can teach you the ins and outs even without using any additional tools. But let’s get to know more about what Income School has to offer.

It is made by two amazing guys, Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler, and they, with their team of experts, lead you on your online journey. It is a big possibility you have already meat them on their YouTube channel, if not, now is your chance, they offer great materials there even for free.

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1. What Income School offers

Income School’s Project 24 offers a course where you can learn how to blog and make money from YouTube in just 60 steps. This is the core part of the Project 24 course and it is where people are supposed to begin especially when they are starting from scratch with little to no experience.

Simply put, Income School’s Project 24 can help lead you from a beginner to a full-time YouTuber or blogger in 24 months (often much faster, especially if you combine blogging with YouTube).

If you prefer blogging over making content on YouTube, Project 24 teaches you how to choose your own domain and hosting, how to set up your own website, how and where to get your own logos and themes, and how to choose your niche. Income School also has its lightning-fast theme Acabado, which is free for all Project 24 members.

Their course takes you by your hand and leads you all the way on your journey to becoming a full-time blogger and YouTuber. Aside from how it teaches you how to set up a website complete with the logos and themes, their course learns you the most important thing every blogger needs to know, and that is how to make proper search analysis.

What’s even better, you don’t need any additional tools for it, only using free Google Alphabet Soup the right way. There is also a course on how to determine your competition, which kind of articles you should start with and where to go from there.

Speaking of content, Project 24 will also walk you through how to write articles that are specific to your website and how you can create videos that you can use for your YouTube channel or your blog.

They also teach you some very interesting ways on how to rank your websites and make it an authority without using any link building. This is especially important because this way your website is built naturally, without spending any money or using shady techniques, and that way will stand the test of time on Google SERP.

Of course, Project 24 is a great way for you to learn more about the monetization of your blog and/or your YouTube channel as a part of the course. After all, monetizing your content is the best way for you to earn money from your blog or channel, and the fact that you went through Income School’s Project 24 course means that you have an end goal of earning money from your content. 

There is even a separate YouTube course included in the entire Project 24 package so that you can focus on earning your income from making YouTube videos. In that course, you are taught how to understand YouTube’s algorithm and how to learn more about YouTube’s search analysis.

You can also learn how to come up with your own niche on YouTube so that you can create a channel that is specific to that niche market instead of trying to compete with the bigger and established channels.

Some of the other stuff that they teach you about YouTube includes how to promote and launch your channel as well as knowing what to expect with the views and subscriptions of your channel. You will also learn how to approach collaborations with other YouTube content creators.

There is a lot more here, such as over the shoulder videos, a huge and amazing community of members that are all willing to help you on your journey (you can find us there as well, helping others as much as we can, while also sometimes looking for help and advice).

Every week, without exceptions, they have a Podcast only available for P24 members, in which they deal with hot topics in the blogging and YouTube world, and answer questions from members in the community.

2. How long will it take you?

Project 24 is aptly named because the entire course package allows you to start earning full-time income in a span of 24 months. They even have a timeline where you can check how your progress measures with the expectations of the program itself.

In the first two months, you are expected to finish all of the 60 steps. After that, you should set up your own routine from what you have learned and simply implement it further down the road. Of course, you are expected to be earning from then on, but the earnings will be minimal as the average income that most of those who underwent the Project 24 course only earned a total of $6 in the first six months.

However, if you follow Project 24’s timeline you will soon see a growing curve on your blog, something like what we have on one of our newer websites. As you can see, it took some time to start growing, but once it starts it is just growing more and more.

This is all made without building backlinks, without any paid software, and only following the P24 course. Also, we have 5-6 additional websites made that way, some much much bigger in terms of visitors and content, but we decided to use this one as an example so you can see what is that ‘hockey stick’ growth you can expect when joining Income School.

Income School Course

They also have a weekly newsletter where you can see almost every week new members becoming full-time earners, and a lot of other ‘smaller’ achievements, such as first $5, $100, $500, and $1000.

3. How Income School Course works

Once you sign up for Project 24, you will be allowed to go to the courses homepage, where you can click on the courses you want to learn from. Each course has different lessons that you need to follow step by step to progress steadily. The lessons are taught to you through videos that are actually quite informative and very useful.

Project 24 also allows you to make use of a members-only community where you can learn from different members who have also gone through the same course. The community allows you to talk with your fellow members and share some of your ideas so that they too can tell you what they think of your ideas while sharing experiences and ideas of their own regarding related subject matters and topics. 

So, if you are thinking about trying out a new niche market on blogging or on YouTube, you can post your ideas in the community to get to know what your fellow members think about it and so that they can also share some of their ideas to you while giving their own feedback on the subject matter. This allows you to test the waters out and to get an expert opinion from people who know the topic and from those who have gone through the same experiences.

Also, any questions about blogging or YouTube are welcome in the community, and there is always someone there to help you with them. Or just to hang out and take your head off other things.

4. Who it is best for?

While anyone can take the Project 24 course as long as they are willing to pay the initial $449 for the first year and $199 for every year after that (you don’t have to continue after the first year, even though you will probably want to), it is best for people who intend on entering the blogging and content creating business either by setting up their own website or by starting a YouTube channel, or even best, make your business authority on both those channels in a blog/YouTube hybrid.

The course is ideal for beginners because of how it teaches everything from scratch especially for those who are not willing to pay for additional tools that can give them an advantage. You are basically taught how to do things from nothing to building a portfolio of websites or focusing on one huge website in the future.

Project 24 is also ideal for those who may have some knowledge of blogging and content creation but have failed in the business because they lack the proper training. So, by going through the Project 24 training, they will be able to start from almost nothing and supplement everything they already know with the things they will learn from the course.

Meanwhile, advanced markets may also be able to supplement what they already know from their field of expertise with whatever Project 24 has to offer them.

It might not be the best course and training for the more experienced internet marketer, but it can be useful to some extent especially when the person lacks knowledge and training in certain key areas of internet marketing and content creation.

Content creation is the key here because sometimes even the experienced online experts only focus on the SEO aspects of building a website, while forget or don’t really know how to create and format the best content.

Basically speaking, Project 24 works best for beginners and for those who want a fresh new start in the world of blogging and content creation. It is effective at teaching you the ins and outs of the business and it allows you to temper your own expectations because of how you need to follow the timeline well enough to end up earning a lot of money by the end of the 24-month training period, and often times sooner.

Income School Course