Kadence WP Review

Kadence WP Review

In today’s article, we’ll be reviewing Kadence, a rather new WordPress theme.

Before deciding to switch to another WordPress theme, it’s best to know all there is to know about it. Kadence is one of the newest themes on the market and it seems that it’s making a name for itself very quickly. It boasts high-quality features that make it quite easy for you to design a stylish website.

However, before you decide to switch over, take a look at all the features it’s offering. We’ll be reviewing Kadence in today’s article, so let’s get started!

Kadence Overview

Free Version

Kadence offers both a free and a paid version, and each has different features. Let’s take a look at the features of the free version.

Starter Templates

There are six different starter templates with the free version of Kadence, and all of them can be easily imported to your site. It doesn’t matter if your site’s oriented towards business or if it’s a blog, these templates can fit anything you need – Kadence has got you covered.

Unique Customization

Kadence WP Review

You can customize headers, footers, menus, blog posts, homepage settings, and much more with Kadence.

There’s a header builder with a transparent header that allows you to add certain elements to your header. A primary navigation button, a search bar, a logo, and multiple social media buttons are just some among many things you can customize with this tool. Kadence is definitely set apart from the competition with this, as the tool has a transparent header in the free version, while most themes only offer this in the paid version.

You can also set one uniform color in sections or elements of the same kind with the global color pallet. This way, you don’t have to manually change the color of the elements one by one, but rather apply it to all of them at once.

There are also default blog post settings that make it easier for you to change the appearance of your blog. You can choose how to display your titles


The experience you get with customization is set to a whole new standard with this tool. You get many blocks that can help you design a page from scratch with options like advanced buttons, spacer dividers, table of contents, testimonials, content boxes, and accordions.

Each block has a set of additional settings that are definitely going to make it easier for you to customize various fields. You can also add various media files to your site’s pages. That means images, videos, and audio files. You can also embed media from social media sites and other sites, as well: Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, and Vimeo.

Prime Version

Additional Header Items

You can add an account button to your headers. You also get different settings that help you define the functionality of the account button. This can redirect visitors to a login page or display a drop-down menu that gives visitors more information about their account. If you have a membership website, then this is a great option.

You can also add contact information to your headers, as you’re allowed to display your phone number, email, and physical address on your headers.

What’s another option is adding an overlay that displays a menu or certain information. This also offers multiple toggle menu icons which offer different options while displaying a menu.

Kadence Blocks Pro

Kadence WP Review

The paid version has seven additional premium blocks.

Post grid – you can use this block to showcase your posts in a stylish way. You can display them within categories or individually, and you can customize your post grid very easily.

Split content – you can use two different columns to display different types of content. You can insert media files in one column, while only keeping text in the second. You can customize your columns individually.

Advanced slider – with this block, you can display images in a simple way. You also have advanced options, which ensure that you incorporate buttons and various animation effects in images.


Just like most WordPress themes, you can either choose the yearly access option or the lifetime access, with the latter usually costing less in the long run.

Lifetime access is $489, while the yearly access option is $139 a year, billed annually. With the premium option, you get all the premium plugins and page builders.

This theme is very lightweight, as it’s only 42 KB large, which also makes it SEO-friendly. This theme has a clean code and it’s very fast.

Pros and Cons

lightweight and SEO-friendly – at the size of only 42 KB, this theme is very lightpricing – some users find the lifetime price to be too much
quick loading time
a ton of new building blocks for both free and premium version
many starter templates
unique customization and

Our Verdict

Kadence is a new WordPress theme that’s drawn a lot of attention for a good reason – it’s great. It’s offering a lot of new features that you can access via the free version, not just if you buy the premium version, which means that you don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to. The unique customization options you get with this theme are amazing and are definitely going to blow you away, while they’re only going to expand if you choose to purchase the premium version.If you’re interested or you’d like to learn more, please follow this link.

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