Passive Income Geek Course: Is It Worth It? (Honest Review)

Passive Income Geek Course: Is It Worth It? (Honest Review)

Passive Income Geek is an online learning course that is run by a great guy named Morten Storgaard, who has been an expert in online marketing for nearly a decade and a half already. He primarily earns his keep by building websites that allow him to earn passive income. Because of his experience in that field, he has put up a Passive Income Geek course, which allows others to learn from what he knows. Morten also has its Passive Income Geek YouTube channel where he offers a lot of free stuff, so go check it out.

Check out Passive Income Geek online Course

1. What it offers

Passive Income Geek offers an online course program that allows you to get trained in the art of passive income building through different online avenues such as blogging and website building. The key here is that this $299 per year program allows you to learn the tricks of the trade, in just four and a half hours’ worth of videos and a few more hours of text as it is a quick way for you to get to understand what it is like to make money passively out of your website.

First things first, Passive Income Geek teaches you how to find a niche market or a target market that needs a website so that you can build one that will address the different needs of that niche. For example, you can find a niche market on exotic pets such as reptiles and birds, and you can actually build a website that addresses that niche so that you can earn from it. That’s merely the first step, which is one of the most difficult for a lot of people who want to build websites.

After that, the course teaches you how to look for the best domain name for your website while also teaching you all of the topic research tricks and tips that Morten Storgaard uses in his own websites. Both areas are invaluable when it comes to blogging and website building. Meanwhile, knowing how to search for the best topics is a great way for you to make it easier to fill your site with relevant topics that people in that niche market often look for.

Of course, content is the most important part of building a blog or a website that earns income passively. You have to know how to create content that can be ranked online. This is where Passive Income Geek’s SEO ‘Writing Awesome Content’ part of the course comes into play. There are also simple but efficient SEO tips on how to improve your website without building shady links or paying for them.

If you don’t have the time to write your own content, you are also taught how to outsource your content to different writers who are willing to write your content for you for prices that are actually affordable. You also get to learn how to work well together with your writers and editors so that everything else will go smoothly on your part.

Aside from that, you are also taught how you can make use of your website to monetize it and how you can also use certain social media guidelines that would help improve the traffic to your website so that it will be much easier for you to earn your keep passively.

Passive Income Geek also gives you access to a community of different people who are also members of the training course. You can make use of such a resource by conversing with the people in that community and by learning more from them about things that may not be clear to you. There are even cases wherein you can get a second opinion from the members of the community in certain matters such as a niche market you are planning to target with your next website. We are also in this great community helping it with our advice, while occasionally looking for some. Also, Morten is always there and ready to help with his advice or just to hang out.

Overall, it helps make you into a full-time passive income owner in a quick way even without the help of paid tools. However, you are also free to use the paid tools but Passive Income Geek teaches you tips and tricks that may help you earn income passively without the use of such tools. But also, Morten does mention some paid tools that can help you and even shows you how to use them.

Passive Income Geek Course: Is It Worth It? (Honest Review)

2. How it works

This course is accessible by paying an annual fee of $299, and you can check it out on their official Passive Income Geek website. After paying it, you will be given access to the site’s online resources, which include videos on the different lessons, as well as a lot of writing, and tips that you have to know so that you could learn how to earn income passively. The different modules are all divided into different subtopics that each have specific lessons relevant to such subtopics.

The course blends in text and tools with the videos so that you don’t always have to rely on the videos to learn how to earn income passively. You can also gain access to Passive Income Geek’s online community the moment you get registered as a member.

Passive Income Geek Course: Is It Worth It? (Honest Review)

It’s simple to use and it doesn’t take up a lot of your time. The videos are only about four and a half hours in total and the texts and tools don’t take up a lot of your time as well. This makes it great for those who want to fast track through the course and learn everything essential for making a passive income website.

3. Who is it best for?

Passive Income Geek is best for those who may want to earn passive income on the side because they are working full-time jobs or they are always on the go traveling from one place to another due to leisure or work. By earning passive income without doing a lot of work other than checking on your website from time to time to maintain or by coordinating with your writers and editors, you are able to do more things on the side.

Of course, this course package is best for those who are starting from scratch and with little to no access to paid tools that may give other people an advantage. It matters not that you know little to nothing about how to build websites and how to blog because Passive Income Geek teaches beginners and brings them from zero to expert income earners. As such, it works best for those who know nothing but are willing to learn how to earn income passively from online blogs and sites.

While those who have some knowledge as expert internet marketers may no longer need to go through this training, it might still be helpful for them to supplement what they already know in the field.

Those who have gone through the pains of creating a website or a blog but ended up failing can benefit a lot from what Passive Income Geek offers because it allows them to start right back down to zero to learn the things they hoped they knew when they first started. This allows them to correct their mistakes so that the second time’s the charm for them especially after finishing the entire Passive Income Geek program, or to fix what is wrong on their already established websites.

It is worthy to note that Passive Income Geek focuses on blogging and website building and does it in a simple but very informative way. Check out Passive Income Geek online Course

Check out Passive Income Geek online Course