Pixlr is a free image editing tool that is available on the web. This makes it great for small businesses who would want to grow their businesses by making use of a free tool that can help them design images and graphics pertinent to their field.

As versatile as it is, Pixlr runs on any operating system and can be used on all of the major web browsers. It also is light on your memory because of how it runs on the Flash plug-in. As such, it will always run as smoothly as possible with little to no lag on the part of your computer.

Pixlr might not have the range that paid services have but it is still very much useful enough that you can basically build and create images and graphics from scratch. You won’t even have to worry about whether or not they are unique because you have a wide range of features to choose from including layers, texts and fonts, filters, adjustments, digital painting, effects, and object transform. This ensures that you will end up with graphics and images that fit your business, website, and personal needs.

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