It is important that your website has relevant, detailed, and useful content for the keywords you want your website to show in the search engine, which will increase page traffic, and then popularity, ie relevance on search engines. These tools can help you in achieving that. 



When you make use of Ahrefs, you are given an all-in-one toolset that you can use for SEO. This includes website optimization, competitor analysis, keyword explorer, content explorer, and rank tracker that are all useful in making sure that your website traffic increases and your ranking in most search engines is at the highest possible.

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Answer The Public is a freemium SEO tool you can use when trying to find the best keywords for your social media, blog, and web posts so that you can find your posts at the top of most search engines depending on how well you use those keywords. It is a free tool but you can also make use of its Pro version, which allows you to exceed your total of three uses per day.

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Keyword Tool

Amazing Freemium Keyword Research tool. For most people, the free option is more than good, but the paid option gives much more options and many more keyword suggestions. With this tool, you won’t be struggling with finding underserved keywords anymore.


Google Analytics

From the best search engine comes from Google Analytics, which is the most recognizable self-service business intelligence available on the market today. What makes it popular is that it is not only useful but is also free to use, and that is why individuals and companies alike make use of it for their websites. On a more exact note, what you can love about Google Analytics is that it is great at tracking and analyzing data traffic to websites and apps that are tagged with their own tracking codes.

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Keyword Shitter 2

One more very simple keyword suggestion tool. Add your wanted keyword, and press Shit Keywords. You can add prefixes and suffixes, so you can find long-tail keywords. I like to export in CSV, then upload it to Google Spreadsheet, and then sort it from longest to shortest.


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that was designed for SEO and is a great one for beginners to use. This is the best way for you to analyze how well your website is doing as far as Google is concerned, which is most likely the only analytics that most people look at when it comes to search engines. And the best part is that it is free. One of the things that you would love about Google Search Console is the part where it shows you the data concerning impressions and clicks on your website because of how central those numbers are when it comes to your ratings.

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