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Squarespace vs ConvertKit Email Campaigns in 2021

With so many businesses and individuals moving to online platforms, the battle for ranking and profits has become incredibly challenging. It can be perplexing to discern which service provider would benefit you more. So, how do Squarespace and ConvertKit compare? 

Squarespace vs. ConvertKit Email Campaigns 

Anyone trying to create a dedicated fan base can benefit from email campaigns, but the specifics of a successful email campaign involve many crucial aspects. Using intelligent software offers competitive advantages through the use of various tools, capacities, and sophisticated operations. 

Similarities Between Squarespace and ConvertKit

There are quite a few areas where Squarespace and ConvertKit share goals, advantages, and provisions for users:

Email Campaign Purposes

Both Squarespace and ConvertKit support email campaigns for varying purposes, including information content and commercial content marketing services and products. Affiliate links can be used with both software options, a crucial aspect of email campaign profitability for countless individuals. 

Email Campaign Style

Squarespace and ConvertKit allow users to connect with their audience swiftly and naturally. These features enable users to approach and address their audience in a relatable, genuine manner, increasing trust and relationship. 

Sophisticated Tools and Intelligent Design

Both Squarespace and ConvertKit utilize sophisticated tools and strategies to lessen the necessity for tedious tasks on the user’s part, increase profitability, strengthen relationships with audiences, and build brands’ following online. 

Targeting Specific Audiences

Squarespace and ConvertKit use intelligent integration and analytics. These advantages will increase the likelihood of achieving the desired response by targeting the right audience. 

Differences Between Squarespace and ConvertKit

Although both Squarespace and ConvertKit offer fantastic services and benefits for their users, there are a few differences. 

Pricing Systems

Squarespace offers various plans for passionate people striving to achieve successful email campaigns on a budget. Pricing systems include the Personal Plan ($12 p/m), Business Plan ($18 p/m), Basic Commerce Plan ($26 p/m), and Advanced Commerce Plan ($40 p/m). They also offer a free trial.

ConvertKit’s full plans are pricier, but a free plan with basic features is available. Pricing for extensive plans consists of the Creator Plan (starting at $29 p/m) and the Creator Pro Plan (starting $59 p/m), costs relying on the number of subscribers.

Customer Support

Squarespace offers customer support through an Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forums, a Knowledge Base, 24/7 (Live Rep), and Chat. ConvertKit offers customer support through an Email/Help Desk, a Knowledge Base, Phone Support, and Chat. 

Training Opportunities

Squarespace offers In-Person training, Webinars, Documentation, and Videos. ConvertKit offers Live Online Training, Webinars, and Documentation. 

Deployment and Devices

A massive factor to consider when selecting between Squarespace and ConvertKit would concern the devices used by yourself and your target audience. Squarespace is deployed on Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based, and Mobile devices, including Android, iPhones, and iPads. ConvertKit is currently only available on Cloud, SaaS, and Web-Based platforms.

Email Lists and Sending Limitations

Squarespace allows up to 20 mailing lists without a subscriber limit. However, users are subject to a maximum of 250,000 sends per month. ConvertKit’s basic plans allow email listings from 1,000 – 50,000 subscribers without send limits. Subscriber listings can reach up to 500,000 with advanced plans, but plans over 50,000 subscribers involve sending limits. 

Squarespace and ConvertKit Usage Comparison

Squarespace and ConvertKit offer relatively similar usage with minor differences concerning usability. Squarespace is slightly easier to use, which may be advantageous for those starting their journey with email campaigns.

ConvertKit offers more features, leaving more room for opportunities and growth. However, ConvertKit is not too complex to use for new users and can be learned efficiently through the assistance and support provided by training. 

Squarespace and ConvertKit Feature Comparison

Regarding the features offered by Squarespace and ConvertKit, possibilities are relatively similar, with some differences with certain functions and operations. 

Squarespace ConvertKit
CAN-SPAM ComplianceA/B Testing
Drip CampaignsAuto-Responders
Event-Triggered ActionsCAN-SPAM Compliance
Image LibraryDrip Campaigns
Landing Pages/Web FormsDynamic Content
List ManagementEvent-Triggered Actions
Mobile Optimized EmailsLanding Pages/Web Forms
Reporting/AnalyticsList Management
Subscriber ManagementMobile Optimized Emails
Template ManagementReporting/Analytics
WYSIWYG EditorSubscriber Management
Template Management

Squarespace or Convertkit?

Squarespace is a great software option for persons on a budget, working on mobile, targeting smaller audiences, sending limited emails, and without the necessity for an abundance of features. This is topped with user-friendly operations, various training forms, and customer support.

ConvertKit can be used on a budget with basic features, making it beneficial for persons sending emails frequently to smaller listings. ConvertKit would also be an excellent choice for those targeting larger audiences with limited sends. Customer support and training are available, but ConvertKit is slightly more complex to use.

Why Choose ConvertKit Email Campaigns 

ConvertKit is dedicated to providing content creators with tools to spend less time on admin and more time doing what they love. 

Custom Landing Pages

Users can create custom landing pages to welcome new visitors or loyal followers. Ideas and projects can be shared easily attractively and enticingly in minutes. 

Free Downloads for New Email Addresses

Users can offer free content downloads when a new email address is provided, creating a compelling incentive for newcomers. 

Personalized Content

ConvertKit prides itself on prioritizing the relationships between the users and their audiences, which supports the transition from audience members to fans. 

Straightforward Email Templates

Email templates have been designed considering readability and visual appeal in unison, sure to land in subscribers’ inboxes consistently. 

Email Campaigns for Products and Services

Various tools and operations are suited for users hoping to create email campaigns to make an income through selling products or services, increasing sales without increasing the workload. 

Integrated Analytics and Automated Sales Funnels

ConvertKit uses integrated analytics to provide competitive advantages. Funnels can be set up to recommend digital products to engaged customers automatically. 

Why Choose Squarespace Email Campaigns 

Squarespace has become infamous for all of the opportunities it grants its users, but it offers many sophisticated functions and operations concerning email campaigns. 

Email Layouts

The software features templates and easy editing, allowing users to create customized emails with images, links, and buttons to encourage clicks and engagement.

Brand Consistency

Email campaigns are consistent, allowing users to market products, posts, and content uniformly for brand recognition. User-friendly tools are utilized for quick and straightforward operations and processes. 

Audience Targeting

Squarespace allows users to manage their audience and support engagement, organization, and growth for your blossoming brand. Email listings can be designed with promotional pop-ups, newsletters, and subscribe options. Subscribers, donors, members, and clients can be viewed within the Profiles tab, and segments can be created for custom audiences and targeted email campaigns. 

Diverse Deployment

Thanks to responsive designs, email campaigns look fantastic whether viewed on a laptop, desktop, or mobile. This allows users to target audiences wherever they are and no matter what device they are using. 

Integrated Analytics

Squarespace utilizes integrated analytics to analyze, refine, and measure with native marketing analytics. These benefits make it possible for users to view the success of their email campaigns in real-time, displaying clicks, deliveries, and openings. 

Automated Email Marketing Tools

Squarespace features advanced marketing tools, allowing functions to be streamlined and automated. Messages can be personalized, email lists can be imported and built intelligently on-site, or brand new lists can be created. New subscribers can be welcomed, be sent discounts, and much more. 

Can You Use ConvertKit with Squarespace? 

If you cannot choose one or the other and have a reasonable budget, why not use both? ConvertKit Forms can be embedded in Squarespace through a simple copy and paste process, pasting in your one-line ConvertKit form embed code. However, users will need to have the Business or Commerce plan to do so. 

How to Link ConvertKit to Squarespace? 

There are various ways to link ConvertKit to Squarespace, either through embedding or integrating content and commerce.


Embedding is simple with ConvertKit’s embedding forms, and it can be synced with Squarespace.

  • Click “Landing Pages & Forms” in the main menu.
  • Select the existing form, or click “Create New”: Form > Inline and select a template.
  • Use the form builder to customize by changing colors, fonts, and images. 
  • Click “Embed”, located in the top right-hand corner.
  • Copy the javascript code onto your clipboard. 
  • Return to Squarespace, add a Code Block where the form should appear. 
  • Replace the default code with the ConvertKit code.
  • Click “Apply” > “Save”.

Additional emails, setups, and integrations may be available with additional tools or within certain plans. 

Commerce Integration

Squarespace Commerce can be integrated with ConvertKit easily. But, users will need to be on Squarespace’s Advanced Commerce Plan to do so.

  • Log in to Squarespace.
  • Click on “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Developer API Keys” > “Generate Key”.
  • Name the API key
  • Check Orders and Read and Write.
  • Click “Generate Key” > “Copy Key”.
  • Log in to ConvertKit.
  • Click “Automations” > “Integrations” > “Squarespace”.
  • Paste the Squarespace API key, click “Sync Squarespace orders”.

While Squarespace and ConvertKit have some differentiating features, both options are effective and efficient at targeting audiences, gaining traffic, and supporting sales and profits through email campaigns. The choice will predominantly rely on the necessitated features regarding the purpose of the email campaign, subscriber count, frequency of emails, and budget over time.