WordPress Revisions not Showing Why Does it Happen and How to Fix it

WordPress Revisions not Showing: Why Does it Happen and How to Fix it

Have you been trying to fix the issue of WordPress that fails to show WordPress revisions? If yes, we are glad to let you know that you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you the reasons why WordPress revisions can sometimes be unavailable, and we will tell you how to fix the issue.

Why Are WordPress Revisions Not Showing?

WordPress revisions can stop showing for several reasons. We have mentioned these reasons below. Here they are:

1. The post was saved as a draft

If you save a post as a draft, there won’t be an option for WordPress revisions. If you want to make changes to a post that you saved as a draft, you’ll have to use the “edit” option. So, if you can’t see revisions for your post, you probably saved the post as a draft. Check the dashboard to verify whether you saved the post as a draft or you actually published it. 

2. The post has not been edited after it was published

If you publish a post for the first time, only one version of the post will be available.  If you edit the first version, a second version of the post will be created. You’ll see revisions only when you have up to two versions of the same post. So, if you can’t see WordPress revisions for a post, you probably don’t have up to two versions of the post yet.

3. The revisions meta box is not added

Meta boxes allow you to edit a post, publish posts, and carry out several actions quickly. By default, the revisions meta box will be added to the editing features. However, if the WordPress you are using has been modified by a third party, the revisions meta box may not be included by default. So, if you can’t see revisions for your post, this might be the cause.

4. The hosting provider has disabled WordPress revision

Some hosting providers don’t enable revisions. Some of them disable WordPress revisions to avoid overloading databases with too many revisions since some posts can have several revisions. A hosting server can also disable revision for reasons different from the one we just mentioned. So, if you can’t see revisions for your post, your hosting server might have disabled it.

5. You have disabled WordPress revision for all posts

Even if the hosting provider has enabled WordPress post revisions, you may disable it on your side with a code or plugin. Perhaps, you once disabled it when you didn’t need it, but you haven’t re-enabled it now that you really need it. In case you can’t find WordPress revision when you ought to, then you should verify whether you or another user hasn’t disabled it.

6. You are working on a custom post type that doesn’t include “revisions” as parts of the post editor features

Every time you create a new custom post type, you’ll have to choose the editing features that the post will support. If you don’t select “revisions” while you are creating the custom post type, you won’t see WordPress revisions by the time you start using the custom post type.  Anyone can forget to select “revisions” while creating a custom post, so you should verify whether you selected it initially.

How to Fix WordPress Revisions Not Showing

If WordPress revisions fail to show, you can fix the issue by following the steps we shall mention shortly. We will refer to the things that we mentioned above by the time we start showing you how to fix the issue.  Here are ways to fix the issue:

1. Edit the post after publishing it

By now, we believe that you know you won’t see reviews if you save a post as a draft. The same thing applies to a post that hasn’t been edited after it was posted. The solution to these two cases is simple. Publish the post for the first time. Thereafter, you should make a few changes to the original post. Once you do this, the reviews will be available. 

In case the reviews remain unavailable even after you have edited the published post, you should move to the steps below.

2. Install original WordPress software

Revisions meta box can never be missing in the original WordPress software. So, if your software doesn’t have a revisions meta box, it means it has already been modified by someone.  You should install another software that hasn’t been modified by any unauthorized user.

3. Contact your hosting provider

If you suspect that your hosting provider has disabled WordPress revisions, you should get in touch with the provider. You may change the hosting provider you are using if your current hosting provider can’t enable WordPress revisions for you.

4. Enable WordPress revisions

To enable WordPress revisions, you will have to change a line of code in the wp-config.php file. Here is how you can do that:

Use a text editor to open the wp-config.php file for your website.  After that, you should enter the keyword define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, FALSE ); into the editor’s search box. Once you have seen the part of the text with that keyword, you should edit that part to become define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, TRUE);

In case you can’t find any the keyword define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, FALSE );, you should write a new line with the keyword define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, TRUE);. Save the file and run the WordPress once again. 

5. Add revisions to the list of post editor features every time you create a new custom post type

Every time you create a new custom post type, you should add revisions to the post editor features. To do this, you should tick the box that says “revisions” before you click the “Add Post Type” option. It is easier to select revisions while you are creating a new custom post type than to edit code lines after you have created the custom post type.