WPX is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, website host on the entire planet. The company only started back in 2013 but has since become one of the leading names in the industry by focusing a lot on speeds and on the experience of the customer so that those who are running websites no longer have to spend hours acting as administrators of their own websites and can actually use their time for other more useful endeavors such as running their businesses.

WPX hosting is the choice we use for our biggest websites with a lot of visitors.

Studies show that websites that often have loading speeds that go above 1 to 3 seconds can quickly lose traffic. Meanwhile, websites that take longer than 3 seconds lose more than half of their visitors. Among those, 80% will never even come back to visit the site again. That goes to show how important speed is when it comes to website hosting.

WPX has consistently been at the top when it comes to loading speeds and was able to top the competition from 2019 to 2020 in terms of how fast it is compared to all of the other website hosts on the market. That means that you will never have problems with how fast your website will load if you host it with WPX.

In WPX’s case, this website host has an uptime of 99.95% in an annual span and is consistently one of the more reliable hosts when it comes to availability and uptime. That means that you won’t have to worry about your website becoming unavailable during a certain period of the year especially when you are doing business with your website on a regular basis.

One of the features that we love about WPX is that it backs your website up on WordPress on a daily basis to protect your website and your data. The files are kept stored for up to 14 days in case you need to back your website up when it suffers from harmful malicious attacks. 

WPX also allows you to migrate your WordPress website to a faster web host. And the best part is that the WPX team will do it for you and will complete it in a span of only 24 hours so that you can have your new website together with your WPX Hosting account.

You can check it out on WPX’s official website, and if you want to have the best hosting, then this is a way to go.