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Text Paradise is a content writing agency from Croatia with more than a hundred writers waiting to make content for you!

Hrvoje Milaković

Hrvoje Milaković


How Text Paradise Came to Life?

Hi! I am Hrvoje and I have started our online business journey more than six years ago, making websites, webshops, and writing for a few sites in our native language. As the income was pretty low, I decided to try and make websites in English. I had very good technical knowledge about websites, and SEO in general, but the writing was a big issue for me.

English is not my native language and it was a barrier for me to produce a lot of content. So, I decided to find some good writers. In 2020, I started six additional websites and outsourced all of the content on them (more than 1,000 articles). It really helped me a lot so I decided to start a content writing service. Since then, we have written thousands of articles for our clients, the majority of which were more than satisfied.

Throughout the years, I have learned a lot about how to write a good article, as well as formatting it, SEO practices, and Ihave used a lot of paid and free tools. During that journey, I have also helped my clients achieve success online.

Content Writing

If you are looking for a content writing service that can quickly write content for your blog or website without doing a lot of work, you can come to us, which cuts the time you use to outsource your content.

By using our service, you no longer have to go to different online job websites because our trained writers will do it for you instead.

We offer you a very fast turnaround time for your articles. Our writers are fast and can meet deadlines really well because of prioritizing your content above anything else.

So, instead of you trying to use up your own time to fill your blog or site with written content, our writers will do it for you without any delay so that all that you have to do is to sit back and wait.

We never forget to offer you amazing writing quality regardless of whatever the topics may be. Our writers do the research carefully and diligently so that everything written on the articles and blog posts is up to date, relevant, and original.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not there is plagiarism involved or whether or not the writers weren’t diligent enough to fact-check whatever they wrote because you can be sure that our writers have done everything on their part to cover all of your needs so that you no longer have to do anything on your end.

On top of the top-notch quality of the writing and the quick turnaround of the articles and blog posts, we also offer additional services that will leave you satisfied down to the letter.

Research and Search Analysis

Not only do we do the research for you in terms of the content of the articles and blog posts, but we also do the search analysis ourselves so that you will end up with the best terms and the best topics relevant to your website or blog. We even offer articles and website reviews.


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