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[CASE STUDY] How We Got a 13-Month-Old Site to $1920 a Month!

One of our sites just made $1920 in one month!

way adthrive 1920

The interesting part?

The site is just 13 months old!

We started the site in February last year and started producing content in April last year.

Since then, we have published 370+ articles on the site.

One year later, in the last 30 days, the site made $1920!

Here is how we did it…

We also have a similar case study of another site of ours that is making $2000+ per month. And it is not even one year old!

Idea and Motivation

So, what was the motivation behind this site?

To test the new approach for building sites. And money, of course. 🙂

But the idea was to get to more than $1000 in monthly revenue fast…

… and without any (minimal) link building in the beginning…

… just with producing a LOT of content.

We wanted to see if we can go after a ton of keywords with low competition, write the articles fast, see them rank quickly, and monetize the site with the ads.

10-11 months later, we got the site to AdThrive, and in the first 30 days saw more than double what we expected.

way adthrive 2

In the process of finding the topics to write about, we used methods taught by Jim&Ricky from Income School and Morten, founder of the Passive Income Geek course (heads up, those are affiliates ;)).

Number of Articles Published

As previously mentioned, the idea was to publish a lot of content.

We aimed to write roughly one article per day.

Meaning, in a year, we would write 365 articles (we ended about 370+ articles).

The site was created in February 2020, and in the first few months, we published just ten articles and wanted to give up on the case study.

The reason for that is we were writing the articles ourselves, and we just didn’t have the time to do it.

Two months later, in April 2020, we decided to give the articles to our writers to start producing a lot of content and see how it will work out.

Here is the number of articles published on the site month by month:

MonthArticles Published
April 202028
May 202083
June 202034
July 202018
August 202021
September 202018
October 202025
November 202021
December 202017
January 202173
February 202111
March 202112

That is a lot of content.

You are probably wondering how things played out through months.

Let’s take a look at the traffic growth of the site.

Traffic Growth

Here is how the traffic on Google Search Console looks now:

way gsc

The first 6-7 months are a ghost town… as it usually is.

After that, the large amount of content we wrote started to kick off…

… and it is growing rapidly.

More and more articles are starting to rank high, and the numbers are just increasing.

Here is an overview of the pageviews by months:

Month #1<20
Month #2<50
Month #3<200
Month #4<500
Month #5500
Month #61,000
Month #73,500
Month #88,300
Month #916,000
Month #1037,000
Month #1141,000
Month #1272,000
Month #13122,000

It took us a year to get to 100k pageviews per month. Pretty awesome! 😀

And here are the numbers from the last month:


The site had 122k pageviews last month.

The traffic growth is not bad. 🙂

The majority of the traffic is from the US:

way demog

This leads us to the probably most interesting part for you…

… monetization and revenue. 🙂

Revenue Overview

The main goal for this site was to monetize it with ads.

Although we have some Amazon links there, the focus is not on selling affiliate products.

Once the site reached 30k (threshold for additional sites) pageviews per month, we monetized it with AdThrive.

In the last 30 days, the site made $1920.

Here is the whole history of the site earnings on AdThrive:


The RPM is currently $15.20 on average.

Taking the time of the year and time on AdThrive into consideration, the RPM should be increasing in the upcoming months.


What We Learned

There are ways to build a good passive income site without it being the affiliate one.

Writing a lot of content and targeting the right keywords can bring a lot of traffic which can be monetized really nicely with ads…

… and this case study shows that!

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